Bring out your inner Tiffany’s with a simple white tee and pencil jeans skirt. Pair it with a pair of loafers and accessorize with a cute little bracelet and you’re ready to go. It isn’t about style. It’s about Sophistication. 

There’s a reason why we love StyleMint, the Row and Gap.



Something simple, something sleek. 

A casual top and pencil skirt, broought to the next level with clever accessorizing. I love this dress-down Friday look. Effortless; but chic.

It’s autumn where the leaves are turning red and yellow, softly kissing the ground with every farewell they make to their parents. It is the season to start pulling out the long beanies and cardigan, executing your inner sophisticated geek look.

Richard Chai, another living evident to the rising prominence of Asians in today’s fashion, entertainment, political, etc industries. Frequently associated with the other Asian designers such as Derek Lam and Philip Lim, Behnaz Sarafpour, etc, Richard Chai stands out for his clothes’ simplicity yet quirky aesthetics. Of korean descent, his tastes for simple lines and cuts are of no questioning. Yet, between the lines of Asian sophistication lives an English “Urbanist”.

To be honest, I’m the last person in the world that anyone would expect to be fashion-forward. So my understanding of Richard Chai’s collections and style is limited. Yet, his Spring 2012 collection screams out to me not only through it’s floral prints, bright colours (mainly the all-so-bold use of orange) and straight lines but his skillful tactics of layering. Looking closer into his collection, Chai has skillfully fooled the “Naked Eyes”.

His collection analogizes a harmonious natural environment. This is the hidden gem of his collection. The layerings within his collection tend to work as an extension to his clothes. Not only does this help to minimize the “noise” created from the floral prints and bright colours, it tend to accentuate the body features that most are self-conscious of.

Compare him to other Asian designers, but I would say, Chai has created a name of his own not just through his similarity to the NOW Asian fashion designers; rather, his designs are one that resolves beauty through an Asian and English fusion.