Monthly Archives: June 2011

Jeggings from Forever 21. They say women are dressing more masculine to exhibit status and power, defying a matriachal society steup. Men can seem to embrace more feminine outfit. Is that an acceptance to more women rise to power? Tank top, cut jeggings & ray bands are an essential for men to look suave. Black and white with a splash of colour is the way to be basic yet not boring.


A June article by The Guardian has once again invoked a discussion on the creations of stereotypes and racism within today’s media (which is also discussed in “threadbared” article on “The Racial Construction of Preppiness”). Ralph Lauren “has spent nearly 50 years defining and refining preppiness. Its website is full of vomtastic talk of “American style” and “inviting people to take part in our dream”; the advertising is full of clean-cut boys starring in what could be a burlesque versions of The Great Gatsby”. Their polo shirts is still an all-time favourite of many who sees the need to flaunt one’s status and “bank acount”. The above photograph is of an alleged drug trafficker, Edgar Valdez Vliiareal, wearing a green Ralph Lauren Polo shirt while being escorted by armed Mexican federal officers dressed in riot gear. The Guardian identifies this image as an outlaw to Ralph Lauren’s promotional image -a prestige and pristine background- stereotyping Mexicans with “thick-set and stubbly drug dealers”, outlawing the prospects of other races, particularly Americans, with the “decency” to be drug dealers. The use of clothes today plays an important role in stereotyping one into a particular category. Asians tend to stick to a particular style, afraid of breaking out of the “peer pressure bubble”. Style is not about trend-following. You are the trend.

Floral on Floral is usually a look that is hard to pull of. Floral has always been packaged with femininity. Yet, the use of darker shades for the floral prints with a clean black collar and Oxford shoes gives it a twist. Femininity with flair.