Monthly Archives: July 2011

It is all about the attitude. Your wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes drown your character.


Japanese always have a particular of transforming a look to fit Asians. I love how these two men managed to carry out these looks often seen on the young. The one on the left sure reminds me of a professor – except he’s scored really high on the style radar; while the other, a Japanese Picasso.

Now, if only my grandfather was that cool!

No one can ever underestimate summer’s heat. Asia is definitely the place to experience the blazing sun, rising temperature, dripping sweat and diminishing cloth scenes. I am definitely experiencing this skin and body expansion that, scientifically proven, is the cause of heat. With the common Asian haircut nowadays, short locks with a fringe, my forehead seems to be bursting with sweat and oil with every step I take. Definitely not an appealing facial disposition. This inspired me to look into haircuts that are preferable for this summer heat. Pixie cuts for female screams to me but I stumbled onto the “face shape” concern whereby not all face shape fits all haircut. Agyness Deyn has always been known for her pixie cuts to allude her “tom-boy with a cherry-on-top” style. Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye daringly tried a more boyish haircut for her 2005 “Coffee Prince” TV show. Known as a Korean fashionista and trend-setter, her drastic change insinuated short haircuts among Asian females. I myself fall into the “commoner” mentality whereby beauty shines from one’s packaging rather than one’s inner self. Yet, I realized that heat do not only transmit an immediate “I feel hot” response. It is a package of reality. Hair is an accessory, your aura is your naked self.