It’s autumn where the leaves are turning red and yellow, softly kissing the ground with every farewell they make to their parents. It is the season to start pulling out the long beanies and cardigan, executing your inner sophisticated geek look.


It has been awhile since I’ve last posted on “HisAgenda”. Pardon my absence as my procrastination comes with a reason- the building up detest to the my internship as a receptionist in a supposedly 5-start hotel. The lack of correlation between the hotel’s avant-garde interior design and its ballooning-effect of a uniform has blinded my sense and urge for noticing “prettiness” (of course I say this with my own definition of prettiness).
My encounter onto 中国时尚街拍(China’s Streetstyle) has brought the daisies back into my life. Mum-son fashionable day out tickles my inner urge to have a younger brother to dress him up. I call the photo below “Simplicity at its Roots”. With the stereotypical stone walls (like those of the Great Wall) for a background and soft colours that usually complement the softness of an Asian aura, mum and son pictures cool and breezy against the hot summer heat.

Not forgetting the core of HisAgenda, the above photo highlights the points to combine masculine qualities into feminine. Hats are an important accessory as it not only blocks the hot sun form your face but it gives your outfit a picturesque finish.

Would like to end with the above for this blog. It has mesmerized me in so many ways. From the colours to the contrasting aura given out by both mother and son. One can’t help but persuade people to start ditching their dogs for a son as a “pet”.