Charlie Chaplin inspired. You can lose the mustache, keep the thick eyebrows and even change the white shirt into a sheer over-sized blouse to bring femininity into a men’s classic attire.


Convenience and efficiency is the pedigree to the flow of events today. The convenience and relatively cheaper prices online shopping brings to consumers increases its popularity (which also comes with the rise of obesity, not the point here). Popular online shopping websites such as amazon, ebay,, taobao, etc. I have only recently discovered a new men’s online shopping website UNANDU. UNANDU is a men’s Chinese online shopping website that does not displays its clothes like any other online shopping blogs. UNANDU, unlike many other online blogs, photograph their clothes with a scenario. All photos sets a retro and breezy atmosphere, showing casualness with clean cuts. Ensembles are usually simple, accentuating the cuts of the clothes and the men’s shape. Yet, simplicity is usually paired with roughness. A simple black dress pants is paired with a checkered shirt or a plain jeans is paired with a blue singlet mesh.

UNANADU does not just sell clothings, they sell an attitude too. Photographs does not just provide a picturesque sight, it tells a story. The setting, background colours, models’ interaction, etc, are all part of the ensemble. Bags are carried with an attitude, bringing the masculinity into the Fashionista stereotype.

Taken from UNANDU online website, this ensemble shows the trendy wears men need for this summer. From laid-back T-shirt styles to sleek cuts dress pants, everything is shown in one roll of film.

Esquire China recently uploaded a picture on weibo, entitled “One Night in Beijing” Set in old beijing with western on-take on their ensemble, Esquire seeks to entice the ladies through men’s sleek masculinity.

Feel the Chinese men’s chauvinistic aura piercing through the magazine pages, into your eyes.

My recent encounter with “The Outlook Magazine” during my (still going on) summer holiday trip back to China has got me hooked onto it. “Creative, Inspiring, Lifestyle” are 3 defining features of this magazine. “The Outlook magazine” mainly targets men, particularly men of “The Creative Elite” who seeks tips and updates on the creative and artistic talents happening in both China and internationally.

The June issue shows the incorporation of Lego(men’s favourite architectural toys) into fashion. Colour blocking maybe the new fashion but blindly following fashion trends blinds innovation. “The Outlook Magazine” integrates men’s hobby with fashion, putting the “men” into the “women”. Although the magazine continues to use western models to promote their looks, their ensemble can also fit Asian men. Colour clashing tend to either dull Asians’ already fair skin, creating an “old-fashion” image. One can tone down this colour combination by using white or nude colours to tone down the blinding effect of colour blocking.

“The Outlook Magazine” also looks into different aspects such as “Lifestyle, Architecture and Arts&Culture”, diverging “fashionable” ideals away from clothes only. From events to technology, “The Outlook Magazine” is able to satisfy one’s satiety for LIVING.

With the uprising Hallyu wave, it is no wonder that Asians are becoming more prominent among today’s social scene. One should diverge one’s attention into the fashion scene in Southeast Asia today. APERÇU, led by Singaporean designer Kwoon Lim and Indonesian designer Catrine Thé, is making its name into the fashion scene.

Its recent collection expresses women-in-power today. Looks exposes strong lines and form-fitting cuttings that is sleek and chic.